Bagshot Village

Our neighbours in Bagshot are very supportive of our efforts to help local and global causes. They always advertise our events and provide a valuable source of local knowledge and advice to us.


The Hampshire Arms Crondall

This is a lovely pub set in the village of Crondall , they have hosted many events for us and we just love the food too!

Fancy a change? Charlie and his team are very welcoming.

Surrey Heath Residents

The Surrey Heath Residents Network was created by Deepcut resident Paul Deach and is an amalgamation of various popular social media centred around this blog.Paul helps us by covering your events and following what we do.  Residents are kept up to date with events and attend many of our functions.

Bath Unviversity

Cllr May studied at Bath and decided it was fitting that he provide his first two scholarships to Bath in memory of his daughter Lisa. These scholarships provides further education that these guys may never have had otherwise.