Our Christmas Project 2017 – Across the globe


Giving ‘Future Hope” to the children of Calcutta.

This year our Christmas project takes us back to our roots in supporting aid across the globe, in memory of Lisa May who lost her life in the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004. We knew that making a donation to two teachers from the school of young Ethan Massey, Lisa May’s gorgeous nephew would be an absolute must.

Ethan’s teachers Max & Trisha have flown out to Calcutta this week to visit and teach children who have no family to support them. The children live in a home which now takes care of them and their education. Max and Trisha will teach, and do some fun festive activities with the children right through the Christmas period before returning home at the end of the year with pictures and stories to tell.Good luck Trisha and Max, what great teachers Ethan has to inspire him as he grows up.

This project was funded by a generous donation from a loyal supporter Mr Mahesh Singadia and his UK India Charitable Trust. These deprived children will benefit this Christmas time because of their generosity.

We are always looking for new supporters who want to help us with our work abroad and at home. If you or your place of work could help please do get in touch with us. We can do more together and share the joy of giving something back.

Merry Christmas and thank you for your valuable support xx

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